Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Photography Techniques: Using 4x6 ND Grads

I've had a lot of people ask me about ND filters and how I use them, so I thought I would share my technique for using the Singh-Ray 4x6" Graduated Neutral Density filters and reverse ND's. Some lenses, especially ultra-wide angles , will cause Vignetting Problems with some of the filter holders , (darkened corners in the image), or when stacking multiple screw on type filters / polarizers. There are some companies offering filter holders designed specifically for wide angle lenses if you like them. Personally I like the convenience of being able to quickly screw on a (Cokin Z-PRO Adapter Ring) and clip the filter on the front of the lens at any angle or position in just a few seconds with a (simple basic office clip) . Very effective, especially when that golden light is slipping away and don't want to miss your shot.

Buy some (adhesive-backed craft felt), and line the inside jaws of the clips. Then, line the outside face of the adapter ring with the felt. Just lay the ring on the felt and trace around it, cut it to fit. (see photo)

When your out shooting, just simply align your ND filter in the proper position while looking through the viewfinder and clamp it to the adapter ring with the clips.. Fast, effective, no damage to the filter. The adapter rings are threaded and come in the various thread sizes...

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