Thursday, July 14, 2011

"The Storm" Grand Haven Lighthouse , Grand Haven Michigan

Storm force winds pound the Grand Haven Breakwater Lighthouse
in this October , 2010 scene.   My favorite time to photograph lighthouses is in the fall when the strong low pressure systems blast through pushing strong storms and north winds.  Grand Haven is one of my favorite places during these events

For me the best way to capture these big waves crashing is to use a mono-pod or take your tripod but don't open the legs, extend them but just leave them together. You can move around easier that way plus 45 to 65 mph winds don't agree with tri-pod legs much. Hold the camera steady, compose a good shot, watch through the viewfinder and wait for a nice big wave crashing into the lighthouse and then let the shutter fly a few times.

Some of my  lighthouse storm photos were shot hand-held with great results because of the VR (vibration reduction)  built into my lenses. 

Check out this Lighthouse storm capture taken at Grand Haven.  Some guy with a pink surfboard walked up the pier and jumped in Lake Michigan while I was taking the picture. You can see him in the photo .

Over one hundred people were lined along the grand Haven pier  watching a beautiful sunset .(header photo) see that capture here

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My camera settings for this shot
Camera - Nikon D700
Lens - Nikon 70-300mm
Focal length - 220mm
Exposure - 1/250
Cropping -  no
Aperture -  f/11
Filters - cpl
ISO - 200
Quality - raw

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